About Certe Revision

Certe Revision is an audit firm with long experience from various businesses where all audits are performed with a common view on how audit work should be done.

The name Certe Revision means secure audit in Latin and forms the basis of the company’s philosophy.

Certe Revision wants to be something else than a traditional auditing firm, that the clients hire because of legal obligations . Therefore, they have instead built a personal and cost-effective company that helps customers become profitable by continuously and proactive act as advisors.

Certe Revision works closely with its’ customers to help them navigate their way through stringent regulations in a simple and straightforward way. Customers know that Certe Revision works for their success and can trust that the advice they receive is of the highest quality.

Today, the company consists of twenty-two highly qualified and competent employees.

Please contact either Mikael Jonsson, Authorised Public Accountant, or Claes Sjöblom, COO.

Mikael Jonsson, +46 70 618 79 33

Claes Sjöblom, +46 70 618 79 38